Hello world!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new PXI-Plot107 blog. We hope that this new blog space will be a place you can keep in touch with whats happening on PXI-Plot107 and in Parson Cross Family Growing Space Allotments generally, it’s also a place where I hope we’ll be able to share news and reflect on things that matter to us on the allotments and in our own lives.

PXI-Plot107 is a project run by the Methodist Church in Parson Cross as a way of “being Church in our community”. I’m Nick and many of you might have already seen me and some my family around the allotments, if you haven’t yet, then I hope we’ll get chance to meet soon. I’m employed as a community worker by the local church to work on local projects like this and the other Space to Grow projects at The Cross at Yew Lane, LEAF and in local schools. Keep watching this space for more news and thoughts.

God bless – Nick


5 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Wow! What an amazing view! Thumbs up for this new and exciting and challenging venture. Wishing you all the best for a great growing year and an abundant 2012 harvest. . . . . with lots of fun and friends and fruits along the way!

  2. Hi, thanks for your message on Thrive’s Facebook Wall. We carry a database of 900 projects throughout the country. These are not Thrive’s projects but over the years they may have had some association with us. At the moment there are no Thrive projects in your area as we mainly work in the South East of the UK. If you would like to know about similar projects in the area I can provide you with that information. Please email info@thrive.org.uk with your request.

    Best wishes,


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