So many apples…..

PXI has been out and about harvesting apples and other fruit with other partners from Abundance (North Sheffield). We managed already in the first week of harvesting to collect  a number of boxes of apples, and a box of pears ….. if anyone knows of a community group, school or nursery that is interested in some free fruit, or if you’d like a few apples or pears to make pies, chutneys or jams at home, let us know.

We’ll be out harvesting more fruit in the next few weeks so if you’d like to help, please get in touch with Nick at PXI or Diane at LEAF, let us know as well if there are any more trees you know of locally that would be ok for harvesting. Remembering we  need permission from the trees owner, and promise them as many of the fruit as they want and need before taking the surplus.

Last year was our first and we were able to pas locally grown fruit to groups like Early Days Childrens Centre, Palgrave Road, Southey, and Chaucer Schools as well as making chutney at Mount Tabor during the winter months….. hopefully this year we’ll be able to do even more!


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