Abundance and Foraging

Today there’s been talk around the allotments of Abundance and the whole foraging idea. Here’s a link to a bit on You Tube from Alys Fowler explaining a little more.

We’re going out after more apples this Thursday afternoon and later this month PXI-Plot17 will be leading a workshop on chutney making, and we’ll be making our own chutney. I tried this earlier this year with LEAF, so hopefully I’ve not forgotten the recipe!

Blake making chutney at Mount Tabor, in January.

One of the things (apart from just the pleasure of enjoying food that would have otherwise just been wasted) that I love about foraging and Abundance is how it also sometimes gives you clues and insights into the past. For example there are some pear trees in Hillsborough in the woodland near Leppings Lane roundabout that are really old and must date fro the time it was all farms in the area, and the number of places on the estate where people still have fruit trees, and rhubarbs patches that may well have been planted at the time the estate was built or soon after, as a result of various Dig for Victory appeals and the effects of post war rationing. So next time you pick a blackberry or an apple from a tree or bush you find, just have a think about how it got there…… and enjoy it!


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