A very windy morning ….

Carlingford potatoes coming through

One of the things about being on the allotment is how much more you really notice the changes in weather and seasons. If we were thrown in any doubt about the arrival of autumn by some warm days recently todays high winds (the left over remnants of hurricane Katia I’m told) have removed any last doubts ….. autumn is on us folks!

That being said, there’s still new life growing even in these blustery days, the potatoes we planted are now already coming through (both the Carlingford and the Maris Peer) so I’m thinking we might soon be  needing to earth them up a bit as it says in the guide books. All being well there’ll be a plate of potatoes straight from the allotment to go with Christmas dinner!

I think potatoes are interesting in that on the surface we get to see these new shoots as they grow into large leafy plants with delicate little flower heads but meanwhile the real work is going on underground, unseen, as the potato tubers swell and grow into a crop of wonderful potatoes ready for the kitchen. It makes me think about my own faith journey and about how God sometimes operates “above ground” making changes in us that are obvious and that all can see, but at other times the growth goes deep down inside us, as we learn to become more patient, kind, more caring, forgiving and filled with love. It’s not always immediately visible, but just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean its not there ….. think about those potatoes.


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