Compost Collective

A small group of us got together with Fay this morning to sort out the communal compost bins at the top of the allotments, the one that was in Bay 3. The good news is, that already some of the very early materials were starting to decompose into very basic compost, the bad news is that the composting process had slowed to almost a complete stop because the pile had also had too much of the “wrong stuff” put on it. In order to try and get it all going again we’ve restarted the compost pile in Bay 2, this is for any one on the allotments to use and add to but please remember some basic rules:

1. NO RUBBISH. No plastics, cans, nets, pots etc.

2. NO RUBBLE or CLAY. People have been adding soil from their allotment this will only slow down the composting so please do not add any to the pile. Rubble can go on the rubble pile by the poly-tunnel and will be used for making good the paths when the volunteer team come out to help.

3. NO COUCH GRASS. Couch grass or other perennial weeds like dandelions etc might survive the heat of our compost heap so lets try and avoid them where possible.

4. CUT UP YOUR MATERIALS. Wherever possible cut the compostable materials into smaller bits to make for faster composting.

Now I think that’s all the guidance I was asked to pass on …… if anyone has any more thoughts please feel free to add a comment.


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