A Shoebox for Christmas

Have any of you ever done a shoebox for Christmas?

Since it started over 20 years ago, Operation Christmas Child has been supported by many churches and community groups such as  Brownies, Guides and Scouts groups and many more – all joining year after year. I thought it would be good if this year we were able to send some from us allotment growers and PXI….

If you’ve not got a shoebox handy, you can often get one from a shoe shop like Shoe Zone in Hillsborough by just asking.

First of the shoeboxes, packed labelled and ready to go!

Of course no one has to, but if you’d like to do a shoebox, take it wrapped and filled with the kinds of stuff its says in the link,  to Fays office at the park pavillion (if Fay isn’t in then you can leave it with Simon or any of the rangers), I’ll pick them up from there and send them off. You’ll need to decide if its for a boy or a girl, and want age group, and then you need to put a sticker on it. You can either get these from the pavillion again, or ask me if you see me around. If possible drop £2 in the box as that helps pay the costs of getting the boxes to all the different parts of the world they go to.

I need all the shoeboxes in by 5th November ….. at least you shouldn’t forget the date….. so if you want to get involved start packing those boxes, here’s a link to show you what to put in it:

What to put in a Shoebox: http://www.operationchristmaschild.org.uk/what-to-pack


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