Busy Week and New Neighbours

Angela at work on Plot107

It’s been a busy week on Plot107 and on many of the allotments in Parson Cross Park.

On Tuesday we had a really good chutney making session, and on Friday, Me, Fay and Simon moved some more of the stumps that had been left by tree surgeon at one of the houses nearby …. the logs have proved really popular with a number of allotmenteers for helping mark out beds, and as seating.

On Plot107 it’s also been a weekend of welcoming and preparing for new neighbours. On Plot 90 we’ve just said hello to Diane and Keith with their daughter Laura, and on Plot 108 we’ve been helping with clearing off  all the weeds ready for the arrival of a group from Chaucer school. I think it’s great as more people are coming on site and working their plots, its great just to see it all starting to look and feel like real allotments, and also to see the different ideas, designs and approaches people are having and sharing.

That said Sarah, Chloe and Lisa were able to use their new brick fire today for the first

Lisa & Chloe put the kettle on ...... with a bit of help from Mum (Sarah).

time, getting the kettle on for a brew …. and it was needed amongst the showers …. mind you if next weeks weather forecasts of an late heatwave are right we might be praying for those showers again to put some more water on the ground.


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