Our Indian Summer

The weather this last week has been simply amazing, the press have reported it as an “Indian Summer”, now I always thought that phrase was all about days of the British Empire and made me think of wealthy men and women in white suits and dresses, lounging around those fancy colonial buildings you see in Agatha Christie films and the like …… but I’m wrong apparently.

According to the BBC an Indian Summer is more to do with the native American Indians of the Eastern states who relied on a late burst of summer the like of which we’ve had this week to bring in their harvests. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15127159

A courgette flower reflects the sunshine of our "Indian Summer"

so it just goes to show you never stop learning as my Dad (who is by the way 90 years old now) always tells me.

Whatever, the blue skies and hot weather made it a perfect time for just sitting around on the plot and taking in just how much is now growing, the potatoes are well underway, and the courgette plants are looking great – although the fruits are still very small this year the flowers in their beautiful yellows were a great reflection of the glorious sunshine around us …. a wonderful day to be thankful for.


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