“Making straight the paths …”

Well after all that sunshine and heat of the last week, it more like business as usual today, and a good job too with I don’t know how many tonnes of brick dust to shift and lay on the allotments communal pathways. To be fair, even though it was hard work it was great fun and it was good to see so many different faces come along to help. As well as PXI and other allotmenteers, there were volunteers from the Ranger service, the Longley Centre and others.

The soup cooks slowly over an open fire on the allotments.

We also got to sample a homemade vegetable soup cooked on site using allotment grown vegetables ….. and very nice too, although not to young Andy’s taste! And I think I’m going to have get myself a “Kelly Kettle”, it seems like just the thing for making a cuppa on the allotment.

With teams of wheel barrowers, rakers, shovellers, strimmers and Simon on the “Whacker Plate” we were soon looking like we’d been doing this for years. By the afternoon we’d got three of the five pathways laid …. not a bad days work.

And so we look forward to next weeks communal jobs and no more brickdust to shovel (big smile)…. instead we’re hoping to get hold of a van load of horse manure!

Oh yes ….. and for those who wondered what the title was all about today – “I am making straight the paths” (Mark 1.3) are the words spoken by John the Baptist during his time waiting for the arrival of Jesus ….. it seemed appropriate given todays’ work, and the fact that in a couple of months we’ll be moving into the time the Church calls Advent which is also all about preparing to celebrate the arrival and birth  of Jesus.


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