The ground will grow many good crops

Yellow courgettes, squash and spinach from Plot107
After a couple of weeks away from the plot I was a bit apprehensive as to what I might find when I got there today – would the weeds have returned victoriously to mock all the weeding we’d done to get on top of them – would the fox or cat or whatever has been digging up our plot have taken the chance to develop a whole series of holes?
But glad to say all my fears were needless – yes there were some weeds of course but nothing too bad – and there were no holes at all which is great news – but better still was the harvest that was waiting even though today is the start of November! The picture on the right shows the wonderful squash, the yellow courgettes, and spinach that I brought home today.
Other allotmenteers were just as impressed by the rich pickings on their plots, lovely potatoes from Fays plot and the sweetest fresh garden peas from Garys – what a teat to go with the beautiful sunshine we’ve enjoyed today as well. Fay challenged me to find a verse to fit today – so here it is:
The LORD will give us many good things.
The ground will grow many good crops.
Psalm 85.12
Fays potatoes and Garys peas
Whilst I was away there’s been a few additions and changes to the site as well. A new portaloo has arrived much to the relief of many of us, a new standpipe has been put in and the whole water system revamped, so that next year getting water should hopefully be a lot less difficult, the poly tunnel is being reinforced and re-skinned, and finally today we have new neighbours on Plot 108 with the arrival of Chaucer school – so a big welcome to them. Its really encouraging to see new families and new groups coming onto the allotments all the time – the allotments are more than just a place we can all come and grow food (great though that is) they are a place we can come and enjoy being a community, a space to enjoy, a space to grow.

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