Cold, damp and wet ….

It was very wet today when I visited Plot107 the soil was too wet and heavy with all the clay to work over so I spent a bit of time just doing some weeding and pulling out the failed sweetcorn from this year to add to the compost bin. But even amongst all this wet and there are some things that seem to love it, in particular there’s been a real spring up of different kinds of mushrooms and toadstools. Now, I’m no expert and certainly would never be trying to eat mushrooms that hadn’t been specifically grown for that purpose – but I have to admit to finding the look and variety of different fungi quite interesting, so here’s a few pictures of what I’ve spotted in the allotments and close by this week alone.

Fungi spotted along Buchanan road this week.
Fungi growing in Parson Cross allotments

Of course if anyone can identify them please let me know and add a comment on this blog – maybe I should ask Fay to organise a Fungi event?


2 thoughts on “Cold, damp and wet ….

  1. Hi, there is a fungi event every year in Parson Cross Park, this year it was on October 25th so we’ve just missed it. The walk is led by Ziggy,one of the ecologists from Parks and Countryside – it’s amazing what he knows about fungi……The ones Nick has photographed in the community garden are ‘Little Brown Jobbies’ and the other white ones are ‘White Shaggy Inkcaps’. I’ll remind you about the fungi walks next year. Happy gardening. Fay

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