The waiting is over ….

Potatoes fresh from Plot107

We’ve been really busy recently and alongside the wet weather, which makes our clay soil really hard work, it’s meant we haven’t been up to the plot as much as we wanted to, but today we managed to get up there early and do a few jobs.

We planted some new Rhubarb crowns (thanks Carol) gave the compost heap a bit of a stir up, and lifted some of our potatoes.

Now, sometimes we wonder if somethings are worth waiting for or not – the latest series of “X factor” or “I’m a celebrity…”, a new video game we’ve been saving up for, the next bus when the one we’d hoped for has just gone and there’s maybe half an hour to wait (surely I could walk it in that time?) – but sometimes, with somethings, we just know the wait will be worth it! So it is with our first potatoes from Plot107. We’d planted the Maris Peer and Carlingfords varieties back in late August and now they are ready – and they are beauties, even as we were lifting them, Angela and I could hardly wait until we could cook and eat them ….. so now the waiting is over, let the feast begin.

The idea of waiting and preparation is what Advent (which starts this Sunday) is all about as well.  Advent signals the final countdown to Christmas – and the celebration of Jesus birth, and it’s a time when Christians focus on what Jesus birth really means for the world today. For us Christians, Christmas is not about a commercialised, money guzzling excuse to over indulge – for us Christmas is a time to reflect on our understanding that; in Jesus, God showed himself to the world – and showed his love for the world and everyone in it. That’s the reason we celebrate – that’s the reason for Christmas – and it really is worth waiting for.


2 thoughts on “The waiting is over ….

  1. Its fair comment – for me the best thing of christmas is having my immediate family around and us all being safe, well and happy. This may be a little selfish but I’m happy if they are happy.

  2. Absolutely Mick that’s one of my best bits too – love is not selfish – enjoying our family being safe and well around us is a good way in which we can see Gods love reflected.

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