Christmas is coming …..

Well ok it’s still a few weeks away but as Sunday marked the start of advent it’s a fair shout. With little to plant at present, and the clay soil feeling really heavy at the moment Plot107 has turned its mind to celebrating Christmas ….. we’d like to invite Parson Cross Park allotmenteers to a “Cake and Carols” event on Saturday 17th December (4-5pm) the idea is to enjoy some mince pies and some cake and get a little festive with some Christmas carols sung around a nice warm allotment fire – that’s the plan anyway so if you’d like to join us you’d be most welcome.

As it’s Advent (the period before Christmas when Christians prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus) PXI has been busy elsewhere on the estate too with various plans and preparations – one of our Advent projects has been working alongside Ric Stott to produce various bits of Advent “street art” you may have seen the “Angel at the Ritz” on the old bingo hall at Wordsworth Avenue and Southey Green Road – and soon we’ll be starting another site at the Parson Cross Hotel. If you want to you can read more about this project at:

Also following on from an event at Mount Tabor last Sunday we’ve been placing clay Advent prayer angels at sites across Parson Cross…… keep a look out you never know you might find one, if you do just take a moment to privately share your Advent – Christmas hopes and dreams with God.

One of the Advent prayer angels

And why angels?

Well angels are often seen as Gods “messengers”. In the story of Jesus birth it is the angel who tells Mary she’s going to have a baby, an angel who re-assures Joseph, and angels who announce Jesus birth to the shepherds. Whatever you think and believe about angels they are a powerful symbol of hope and of God at work in the world.


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