New year … new starts

Well I got to the plot today, the first since Christmas, to find the recent high winds had messed things up a bit! The portaloo on the site is now flat to the ground so out of use, and bins, watering cans and other garden items have been scattered across the site. So far we’ve been spared the snow and ice but for how long we’ll have to see, today at least there was some hail as I planted out the last of my garlic (a little late I know but we’ll see how they get on).

New year always seems to be the time we think about new starts, whether by setting ourselves new years resolutions (many of which we don’t stick to) or just by the fact that starting again after a break always seems to feel like an opportunity to try and do things better.  And so as I was leaving Plot107 today I smiled to myself as I saw a really bright and beautiful rainbow throw its arch over the park and the estate. It reminded me of the story of Noah (Genesis 9.13) when God set a rainbow in the sky as a mark of his new promise of peace to the earth….. a new start!

And a new start is exactly what God has offered all of us through Jesus, the chance to be reborn, to start again, and it’s a promise that is renewed each and every day …. happy new year, and thank God for new starts.


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