“… new things have arrived!”

New rhubarb stalks growing on Plot107

Despite all the wind and rain of the past few weeks, we’ve actually been blessed (so far at least) with a relatively mild winter: no major frosts, no lasting ice, and definitely none of the snow we’ve seen at this time for past couple of years. It’s meant some of the plants have felt brave enough to put their heads up and make the first steps in a new season of growth, as I visited Plot107 today I particularly noticed that the rhubarb we planted last autumn was already showing new bright red stalks to offer the joy of some real winter colour.

I also spent some time today at the community allotments at LEAF (on Herries Road) and there it was great to see so much still growing, some ready for harvest like the chard, and others like the garlic and leeks showing the first signs of new growth

 All this reminds me of the way that Paul describes the new life that followers of Jesus are called to live, as they abandon old habits, and and take on a new attitude to life, it’s a call not to be perfect overnight but just like those plants – to set out on a new season of growth:

The old things have gone away, and look, new things have arrived!”

2 Corinthians 5.17 (CEB – Common English Bible)


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