Planning ahead

On Plot107 we’re as much about growing friendships and community as we are about growing food, but if we are to get a good harvest this year, apparently (according to Fay and all the allotment books I’m reading) this is now the time to plan what we intend to grow on the plot this year. It’s the first full year we’ve been there with only taking on the plot last July so I’m having to give it a bit of thought.

There’s the obvious ones of course: potatoes, carrots, cabbages, spinach (which went really well last year) and I’ve already got some runner bean seeds to try out (Carlotti variety I believe), but what else to grow I don’t know. I think I’ll try the courgettes and various squash again, though I need to be better at protecting them from the damp and rot in that clay soil, and I think I want a go at onions and leeks this year as well, and Angela has suggested sweet potatoes. One thing I’ll not be trying again is the sweet corn they were a complete waste last year and never seemed to get going at all. I’d like to try something a bit “adventurous” not sure what though – maybe some kind reader of this blog could suggest something?

As well as the veggies, there’s also the fruit area to think about. Last year I already planted some gooseberries, loganberries, and strawberries so I’m hoping they’ll all do well. I’ve also added in a few crowns of rhubarb.

What about you – have you given your plot any thought? – if you have I’d love to hear your plans.


3 thoughts on “Planning ahead

  1. Hi Nick,

    Over at LEAF, I think this year we’ll be ‘getting back to basics’, but if you’re after something more exotic, then chat with Diane and Jon down on our Plots. They have an idea for growing some South American sweet potato ‘thingies’. (…That’s the full Latin name for them I think. …Or possibly not.)

    We can chat further when you come down this week!


    Nick Ward

  2. Feeling suitably inspired after a morning at LEAF, already kitted out with some Lambs Lettuce to plant out and hopefully grow to seed ….. and hoping to try both Oca and Yacon.

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