A Leap of Faith?

Well tomorrow of course is 29th February – a date we only really see once every four years as part of the Leap Year. Now according to Wikipedia at least, a leap happens: “Because seasons and astronomical events do not repeat in a whole number of days, a calendar that had the same number of days in each year would, over time, drift with respect to the event it was supposed to track. By occasionally inserting an additional day …. year, the drift can be corrected.” Of course this day only appears in our “Gregorian” calender, other traditions (for example Chinese and Jewish) have different alterations to the calender.

Leap Years are full of there own folk lore and superstitions of course, for example: it is traditionally the day when women can propose marriage to the man of their choice, and in some parts any man refusing such a proposal on the 29th had to pay a fine of some kind to the woman he refuses.

Of course unless it’s your birthday, in which case it no doubt feels a very special day, so let me say Happy birthday and God bless to all you 29th February babies – unless it’s your birthday February 29th is really just like any other day, but as it does only come around once every four years, it does give us a space to just pause and maybe think a bit differently. On the radio this week I heard about an idea to celebrate leap year by taking the idea of a “extra day” to do something positive that you wouldn’t normally do – it could be something simple or something life changing, the examples I heard on the radio included:

  • A woman who after years recovering from anorexia was going to eat her first chocolate bar in nearly 15 years (a major step for her to overcome).
  • A man disabled by depression and almost unable to leave the house who hopes to take the bus to Swansea.
  • A man who’s been spurred on to finish his first symphony.

There are obviously many more stories and everyone will no doubt have their own – but it got me thinking, what might I do? And what might other readers of this blog do? I know some of us will be busy at work, or with our children, or at college or school – but it doesn’t need to be a big thing maybe you’ll make a phone call to someone you’ve been meaning to speak to for ages, or maybe invite a friend you’ve not seen for along time round for tea or out for a drink …… if you do do something special this February 29th I’d love to hear about it …… as for me, there’s definitely some phone calls to be made I think.


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