Signs of New Life

Raspberries and Rhubarb on Plot107

Well it was nice to get out on the plot in sunshine and relative warmth this week, and also to get some planting for the new season done. At the weekend we managed to get the raspberry canes that we’d bought from Loxley Valley community Farm, who by the way have a really excellent set up and are really well organised – so much so that alongside the usual fruit and vegetables you’d expect, the volunteers there are able to look after chickens, sheep and pigs!

As well the raspberries, it was good to see the rhubarb doing well still, and signs of new life on the gooseberry bushes.The herb bed was also showing signs of growth with the chives, and rosemary both doing well.

We also managed to set down some more bark chippings to mark out the paths between the various beds, and so now the whole of one half of the plot is laid out and ready for planting.

Rosemary & Chives on Plot107


This last Sunday a small group of us started to meet at our house as church, for us, church is a community of people not a building and so we choose to meet together in each others homes, sharing bread (and a meal), praying together, worshipping together, loving and caring for each other, and sharing each others faith journey. The idea is not a new one and dates back to the earliest ideas of church as described in the book of Acts and elsewhere in the New Testament. As part of our time together this Sunday some of us (me and the children, Imogen, Blake and Dora) planted up some of the broad bean seeds into peat pots ready to go out this week (we’ve used an early variety Imperial Green Longpod) and Angela finished the task of planting them on the plot this morning – so now we will wait and see and watch for those first signs of new life.

Planting Imperial Green Longpod (Broad Beans) on Plot107


Over the next few weeks there’s much more work to be done on the plot, we’ve got lots of potatoes that will need planting and even more to start chitting, and digging over the other half of the plot to get that into full use this year for the first time. We also got a letter this week telling us about a “Tenants Meeting” at 1pm on 14th March at Parson Cross Pavillion – this meeting will be looking at ways of continuing to develop the allotments in Parson Cross Park, and in particular at setting up a new allotment society all of which is very exciting. It’s also a bit sad as the same letter has confirmed that Fay who’s been a big help to many of us, and has been part of the Parson Cross Allotments from the start will be losing her job as “Growing Together Project Ranger” at the end of March – I just want to say, we will miss you fay and want to thank you for all the help you’ve been over the last year – God bless you.




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