Mustard, Mizuna and more …

With all the sunshine we’ve been having it really does feel like “Spring has sprung” from all the signs of work in the Parson cross allotments, there’ve been quite a few of us taking advantage of the weather to get out there and start the new season in earnest.

On Plot107 that’s meant further work on improving the existing beds with compost and the like, weeding and planting. The first of this years potatoes (Casablanca) have gone in (Fay tells me it may be a tad early – Good Friday being traditionally the date this far north!) but the packet said from late February to early march and the “chitting” had gone well so now they’re in and we’ll hope and pray they do well.

I’ve also planted some Mustard and Mizuna that Fay had started off in the polytunnel – now for those who (like me until this week) haven’t heard of Mizuna, here’s a link that will tell you more- it describes Mizuna as; “A vigorous grower producing numerous stalks bearing dark green, deeply cut and fringed leaves. They have a fresh, crisp taste and can be used on their own or cooked with meat….Not only is it good to eat, it’s also quite decorative, with glossy, serrated, dark green leaves and narrow white stalks, looking good in flower beds and as edging.” All that sounds good to me so we’ll just see how it goes, and having just added some to my cheese and chutney sandwich this lunchtime, I must say it was quiet a nice addition.

Mustard & Mizuna on Plot107

The other “exotic” addition I’m working on at home for the plot is Yacon: a plant traditionally grown in the Northern and Central Andes from Ecuador to Argentina for its crisp, sweet tasting, tuberous roots.

We are apparently due a mini heatwave this week – lets hope it lasts through to Mothers Day on Sunday – lots of opportunities to get out onto the plots and enjoy the warmth and sunshine …. but lets not complain when it starts to rain, after all there’s already warnings of the possibility of droughts and hosepipe bans in part of UK.


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