Blue Sky Thoughts

Some days, like today it seems like the best thing to do at the allotment plot is just to sit, take it easy, and enjoy the sunshine! It’s only March still yet the sunshine and record temperatures of the past few days has already prompted some male plot owners to take off their shirts and start that early pre summer tan…. will it last ….. we’ll see, but hopefully we’ll still get our share of rain to give to much needed water to everything that’s being planted.

The LEAF team making frames for the hives

Last week down at the other community allotments (LEAF) where PXI-Space to Grow runs from we were finding out all about bees, and preparing new frames for the hives that will be introduced in a few weeks.It’s amazing just how organised bees are, each with their own valued role in the hive.

Looking at the bee colony at LEAF

Just watching how they followed the Queen around cleaning out cells ready for her to lay eggs in and then to seal and cap them, whilst others kept temperatures constant in the hive by creating changing to the air flow either by creating holes in the comb structure, or by fanning the air with their wings to cool it – was an amazing and fascinating experience. We’ll be learning more about bees over the coming weeks so hopefully I’ll have more insights and photos to share with you.

At the Parson Cross plots today it was good to see what looked like more and more coming into use – hopefully we can soon set up the new allotment group and look at ways of supporting each other as we learn more and more about growing our own food, and also grow together as a community. Learning (not unlike the bees I suppose) that we are all different, with our own strengths and weaknesses – but together and in community we can manage to achieve all kinds of things.


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