Water, water….

“Water,water everywhere nor any drop to drink..” are the famous words from a poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. But there are some days it’s felt like that on the allotments in Parson Cross – despite having a store of water from the springs under the park, the pumping system that was put in with the allotments has never really worked properly. The council allotment staff argue that part of the problem at least is that we’re not priming the pumps correctly, so council allotment officers are coming out to the site tonight to hopefully train a good number of allotment users in correct use of the pumps to hopefully solve the problem.

With the rain that has started again today, and forecast for the next few days http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2638077  it’s perhaps hard to believe that there are predictions of drought across the country (even as far as Christmas in some places). We’re on a water meter at home which I must admit at least makes you think more about how much water you’re using but my friend Mick Ibbotson has also got me think more about water collection, and trying to make better use of the rainwater we do get. So with that in mind I’m looking for ideas – if anyone’s got any good ideas for water collection on Plot107 let me know.

Also Mick sent me this picture with an interesting way of combining water capturing, and growing in a small space. Using gutters angled to allow flow of rain water to each level, they’ve been planted with lettuce. So find a south facing wall (or something close) get some guttering up – add compost and lettuce seeds – and salads a plenty!

Last night meeting for allotment tenants agreed to continue to set up a formal Allotment Society for the plots in Parson Cross. About 20 people were there and as well as agreeing to set up the group we also talked about:

  • Skips to get rid of the large amount of green waste that’s built up around the compost areas.
  • Access and use of the poly tunnel and tool storage.
  • Water issues.
  • Communal spaces.

There will be another meeting on 14th May to agree the constitution (rules) and elect a management committee – the meeting on the 14th will be at 6.30pm at Parson Cross Park Pavillion – and is open to allotment tenants, their families and friends.


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