Small beginnings

Sometimes when we’re enjoying a plate of potatoes we’ve dug up, or making up a lovely salad from the various greens, we’ve picked we forget the seed that was originally planted. I’ve not been up to the plot this week at all, partly because of the rain, but mainly because of the arrival of my third grand child, Freya Rose.

She was born at 8am on Sunday morning at Jessops like, no doubt, so many other babies born in Sheffield this week – a healthy, happy 6llbs 5oz and the pride and joy of parents, and grand parents. Babies always get me thinking, and imagining …. I wonder what they’ll grow up like? Maybe Freya will enjoy running like her Dad and Grandma, maybe she’ll enjoy reading or music, maybe she’ll help me on the plot!

Of course no doubt, although we never like to think of these things at this time, she’ll also have her fair share of upsets and heartbreak, she’ll maybe do things she regrets later, and no doubt she’ll make real mistakes on the way. The one thing my faith has given me is the confidence to know that whatever lies ahead in life, God gives us the strength to deal with it- and the promise to guides us to a better time and place. Or as Jesus puts it in Johns Gospel: “A thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But I came to give life—life that is full and good.” (John 10.10 ERV)

Tomatoes 25th April

With such small beginnings in mind, its also been a time of seed planting and growing on – the tomato plants are coming along nicely on our kitchen window, and this weekend I’m hoping to plant some lettuce and nasturtiums, as well as anything else I can find lurking in my shed that might be ready. I’ve also got another batch of chitted potatoes to go in soon – but I think I’ll wait for the rain to soak away a little first before putting those in.

As promised last week, I’m also taking first tentative steps at my “gutter gardening” on the side of my shed, the first gutter is up ready for some compost and seeds, and we’ll see how that goes before adding more. Although it’s been really welcome – we could just do with a few days of dry now to get out onto the plots again and do a bit of work, but it’s all part of the rhythm I suppose.


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