…. Sunshine after the rain

I think it was Elke Brooks who sang: “I want to see the sunshine after the rain…” well at least on Monday after what seems now like weeks of rainy days we did see a bit of sunshine, but sure enough come Tuesday and the supposed time for Space to Grow to be on the plot it started to rain yet again – obviously this is all great for refilling the reservoirs, and will provide the plants with plenty to drink – but it would be quite nice to see a few dry days again soon so that we can get on with planting more crops.

Amazingly (with all this rain) we’re close to the time that in Celtic times was widely know as “Beltane” which usually falls around 5th to 7th May. It marks” … the beginning of the pastoral summer season when the herds of livestock were driven out to the summer pastures and mountain grazing lands.”  It was also a time marking a time of purification and transition, heralding in the season in the hope of a good harvest later in the year.

Hopefully all this spring rain might mean a relatively decent summer – we can hope anyway. With dreams of sunny days in mind, PXI is joining with others in local church to organise a “Big Picnic in the Park” on 3rd June – it will start at 12noon and go on into the afternoon, people are invited to bring along some food or drink (no alcohol please) and share together – later we’ll hopefully play some games together: cricket, football, rounders kind of thing. If you want to come along and join us that would be great.

Meanwhile back to this month. It says in my gardening book that : “May is one of the busiest months in the kitchen garden.”

The books also suggest there’s is a lot to sow this month and with many crops you can sow one set and then a few weeks later re-sow to give you a succession of fresh vegetables at the peak of perfection.

  • French Beans
  • Runner Beans
  • Beetroot
  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage and Cauliflowers
  • Peas
  • Turnips and Swedes
  • Your salad crops should be sown in succession
  • Lettuce and Leaves such as Rocket
  • Radishes
  • Spring Onions

So – as we start to look ahead to summer, whatever it might bring, here’s a short prayer to mark the changes in season:

God of winter’s cold, of clear sky and frozen river.
We praise your Holy Name

God of spring’s warmth, April showers, waking life.
We praise your Holy Name

God of summer sun, warming earth, sprouting seed.
We praise your Holy Name

God of summer pasture and mountain stream
We praise your Holy Name

God of root and shoot, of harvest to come
We praise your Holy Name


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