Hopping about a bit

Imogen releasing the frogs to their new home on Plot107

This weekend saw my kids, Imogen and Blake on “Frog Rescue” duty!

As I got the Flymo working on a long overdue attempt to cut the lawn at our house, the kids watched and waited for the frogs that were jumping off in front of it in an effort to escape the mower. They did very well, and were able to take five frogs to the allotments where hopefully they’ll grow big and fat eating whatever slugs and similar are around. It really was a sign of just how wet it’s been that there were so many frogs in my garden in the first place, all loving the damp wet grass, I must have counted well over a dozen frogs on both my back and front in the last couple of days. Although we’ve “re-housed” five of them, I’ve also made sure there’s space for them still in the garden – I’ve left a decent border of long grass at the edges of the lawn so the remaining frogs can stay there safe and sound if they want to.

I’ve also been planting wildflower seed borders for the birds to add to the feeders we put up in December when we moved. It’s been really exciting to see how in just a few months the birds are already starting to become regular visitors to our garden, so far we had: Magpies, Woodpigeons, Collared Doves, Blackbirds, Starlings, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Robin, Dunnock (Hedge Sparrow), House Sparrow, and Greenfinch. Our attempts to get some nesting this year have been hampered by neighbouring cats, but we’ll keep trying and hopefully next year will be different.

One of the frogs safely transported to Plot107

On Sunday June 3rd a few of us from local church are getting together for a bit of a picnic in the park – if you fancy coming over to join us feel free. We’ll be there about 12noon, as long as the weather holds, and stay for the afternoon probably. If you want to bring some food to share that would be nice (but no alcohol please) – afterwards we’ll play a bit of football, or rounders and just chat and chill.

Space to Grow are hoping to  team up with Charlie Hill, an artist working from Knutton Road studios, to run some kind of childrens and family activity on the plot on 7th June, although we don’t know exactly what she’s got planned I’m sure it’ll be fun.

Meanwhile, the new “allotment society” finally came into being at its meeting on Monday – we’ve managed to elect a committee, and soon we’ll hopefully be sending out membership forms and looking at how we want to improve the site. There’s quite a list of stuff already been mentioned as needing doing but amongst the priorities seem to be:

  • Skips to clear and remove the excess of soil and weeds from the top bays.
  • Access to and use of the storage container and polytunnel
  • Developing more communal space to help with community and family activities on the site
  • The return of the portaloo (which the Council have now agreed for this year at least)

So there’s lots for us to be getting on with – if you’ve got anymore ideas or thoughts feel free to leave a comment here, come along to the next meeting on 11th June, or just pop over to Plot107 for a chat if you see me around.

With so many different bits of news and thought it feels like this blog update has been hopping around a bit …. you see, you just cant get away from those frogs.


2 thoughts on “Hopping about a bit

  1. Hi everybody,
    Glad to see you’ve got the society up and running, I’m sure you’ll all work together to make the community garden work. It’s good to have this blog so that I can keep in touch with what you’re doing. I miss you all and the space too. Hope you have a good season and your crops grow well.
    As my new job is term time only I’ll try to get over to the park during half term.
    Love and best wishes,

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