Greece is the word

With the sunshine and heat, and dare I say it with the Governments message of “austerity” for all but the richest, we could be forgiven recently for thinking we live somewhere like Greece – so it is that I saw this report from BBC News and thought it might be of interest to Plot107 blog readers.

BBC report on allotments in Greece

The story shows how in Greece, ravaged by government cuts, and political crisis, allotments have become an important place not just for family food but for providing support to those greatest in need.Click on the link to see the story in full.  Allotments in Greece Katya Adler reports from Athens.

I’m not wanting to be overly political here, but it ties into my other recent post about “jubilee” and the need for us to become aware more and more about the importance of fairness, social justice and even community owned land, and our ability to grow food on it…. and sadly although the sunshine won’t ever match that of Greece there’s no promise that we won’t find families being in similar need…. after in the last twelve months at least six new Food Banks have been opened by churches in North Sheffield alone to meet the needs  of people and families in crisis. Makes you think – and pray!


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