“Many hands make light work”

Weeding on Plot107

With all the rain, and the sunshine in between the last few weeks have been good for the weeds on all the plots in Parson Cross, so we were very grateful on Plot107 for the offer of help from a group of students from Sheffield University Chaplaincy when they offered to spend a day working with us on the plot. Thankfully the weather stayed fine and we were able to clear the remainder of the overgrown part of our plot as well as building three new beds ans planting them with onions, peas and beetroot.

At the start of the day one quarter of the plot was up to shoulder high with a variety of weeds including thistles, docks and others – but after only a few hours of work not only was the area completely cleared but we’d also built three new small beds and planted them up. We also spent a bit of time slashing back the weeds from some of the unallocated plots that were starting to block the path down to Plot107. If anyone is wanting a plot they really should contact the Sheffield Council allotment office and ask about Parson Cross park – although the plots aren’t full allotment size, most are big enough and as far as I’m aware taking a plot here wouldn’t mean your name coming off the Councils main allotment list. To be honest those of us already growing there are really keen to see the other plots taken as soon as possible – so even if you don’t want a plot for yourself but know someone who does, why not get in touch. As well as families, the plots can also be taken on by local groups, there is already a couple of under fives nursery plots, and one cared for by Chaucer School, as well as our PXI plot – so maybe your youth group, tenants association or similar want to take on a plot?

Lunchtime on Plot107

Of course the great thing about plot life is that it is never all about work, and yesterday was no different there was plenty of opportunity for conversation and joking around, as well as the opportunity to share lunch together. There’s something about eating together that helps to build friendships, perhaps that’s why feasts and suppers feature so often at different places and times in the Gospel stories about Jesus – whether it’s wedding feasts in Cana, loaves and fish near Galilee, or the Last Supper in the Upper Room in Jerusalem – and so perhaps as we sat and ate and joked together in the middle of Parson Cross yesterday we also were a small part of that tradition.

I also can’t finish this blog without a thank you to Claire and everyone who sponsored her in the Sheffield half marathon – together they raised a wonderful £115 to support the work of PXI in Parson Cross – thank you and may God bless you.


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