“When’s it going to stop!”

“When is it going to stop!” it feels like the British obsession with talking about the weather is being well and truly fuelled by all the rain and wet we’ve had this year -the wettest June on record (that is since 1910) seems to be being followed by a pretty wet start to July as well. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18678659 While all us gardeners appreciate the value of rain to help the garden grow, once it gets this much it obviously starts to cause its own problems.

It’s a year since we got the keys to Plot107 – and its seen some real changes in the allotments in Parson Cross, of course we’ve had to say goodbye to Fay who helped so much in the early days, but now we’ve set up our own Community Garden Group with Mick as chair of the group, we are already planning various activities to try and improve the site still further such as a big tidy up of what use to be the compost pile in the bays at the top of the site, more work to make the poly tunnel or more useable space, and improvements to the communal area, including using the large containers as a shelter for when the weather is wet. There are still about 40 plots available if people are wanting one, so if your interested contact Ceri Ashton (Allotment Officer with Sheffield Council) on 01142734771.

But meanwhile, the rain continues to pour – hosepipe bans have turned into flood warnings, drainage from the plots has become a bigger issue for some more than getting water onto them, “When’s it going to stop!” is what many people affected by this very wet spell are already crying out. Life can be like that too I guess, we can seem to overwhelmed by event after event, difficulty after difficulty – at times it feels like our lives are just being flooded with problems, at times like those it’s hard to look for the glimpses of sunshine behind the clouds – at times like those the most honest thing to do is to cry out to God “When is it going to stop!” There is something of this in the bible story of Job. In the story Job goes from having everything to having nothing, in fact almost worse than nothing – so much that at one stage he says to God that he would rather be dead – certainly someone at a low point…. despite this Job keeps his faith in God, and its in those difficult and dark days that we need to keep faith, it is perhaps when we need God the most.


One thought on ““When’s it going to stop!”

  1. Hi everyone at Parson Cross – how are the strawberries and onions doing in the polytunnel?Hope you’re all ok and still enthusiastic. Well last year you had to cope with a lack of water and this year an abundance of it. Maybe next year it will be ‘just right’. Love to you all.x

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