A Different Culture

Blake with the last of this years broad beans

After a week away on holiday I wasn’t quiet sure what would greet me on our return to Plot107, needless to say it was a mixed blessing – the weeds had gone mad again in just a week, the broad beans had developed rust after all the wet and damp, but despite that we were able to harvest the last of the beans. The onions are still doing really well, and the peas seem to be thriving and just coming into flower, and the Jerusalem Artichokes are well over five feet tall now.

As anyone involved in the allotments in Parson Cross knows, we weren’t blessed with the best of soils – number one it’s very heavy clay which  hold the water, which in a year as wet as this has led to its own problems, as a result a number of the plots (including Plot107) have resorted to various forms of raised beds. With this in mind I’ve been looking at various “permaculture” sites, and came across this particular variety which I’d never heard of, its called “hugelkultur” take a look and see what you think: http://www.richsoil.com/hugelkultur/ Inspired and intrigued by the whole permaculture / hugelkultur ideas we started work on a new bed today just as a trial bed – admittedly we didn’t get as far with it as I’d hoped but we’ll keep working on it.

Whilst we were away on holiday last week it was easy to see God in the beauty and grandeur of the wonderful scenery of the Lake District, from the great mountain tops like Hellvellyn and Blencathra with the stunning peaks and ridges, to the power behind the many hillside waterfalls and rivers, and the peaceful beauty of the lakes themselves – but now we’re back it’s important I think not to lose track of those “God sightings”, maybe not displayed in the same way, or on the same scale – but still there to be seen, amongst the flowers and the fruits, and even amongst our own friendships and relationships.

Looking for God in all things, at all times is exactly what Jesus calls people to do as in Matthew 7.7 when he said: “search and you will find” – and what will we search for, and what will we find? I would suggest that we will need to for search for beauty and truth and fairness and in those things we will see Gods passion and love for this world and for us.


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