Making the most of it

Beetroots, Onion, Potatoes and Chives fresh from Plot107

With all the produce coming off the plot at the moment I thought it was about time to try and make the most of it – so today I decided to make my first soup from scratch!

Taking four beetroot, I began to peel them after removing the roots and the leaves – do you know, every time I use them it amazes me just how much beetroots stain your hands, by the end of the process both my hands were a bright pink.

Next I peeled one large onion – the onions on the plot seem to have done really well this year, I think all the rain must have really helped them – after cutting them finely I added them into the pot with the beetroots. Next I added the potatoes, no need to peel them a simple wash was plenty sufficient before chopping these in turn and adding to the pan. Once in the pan all the ingredients were lightly fried for a short time just to soften them up before adding the chives and putting them all in the blender with some vegetable stock, after just a couple of minutes of mechanical mashing the resulting soup was ready ….. and very tasty.  All that is needed now is some nice bread to go with it !

All in the pan and softening up

This week we had another meeting of the community allotment group, a bit unusual in that we had it outside as the council key holder never arrived to open up the pavillion. There was a lot of discussion about all the things that people feel the council need to do on the plots at the moment and also about the red tape rulings that seem to stop volunteers from doing some of the work themselves. Still I’m sure we’ll battle on and eventually we’ll get things sorted, key things to be tackled are:

  • Overgrown / unallocated plots
  • Water supply
  • Poly tunnel & container
  • Communal areas

In order to get some of these jobs done there’s going to be a work day on the plots on 29th September – so put the date in your diary, pop along to lend a hand and lets make the most of it!


2 thoughts on “Making the most of it

  1. Unallocated / overgrown plots – yet there’s a waiting list of over 3000+ people in Sheffield waiting for plots – its not rocket science is it?

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