Last days of summer ….

Darrel, Jonathan & Blake

Well with the august Bank Holiday out of the way and the kids almost ready to go back to school, we can really say that we are beginning to see the last days of summer. This summer I’ve been fortunate to be joined by various different people at Plot107 – and over the last few weeks in particular by Darrel, Jonathan & Blake, these young men all live locally and have been a real help with the weeding, planting and harvesting this summer. Jonathan will be going to Hillsborough college next week to continue his Horticulture course there, so a big thank you lads for all your help ….hopefully all be sharing more days on the allotment together.

Space to Grow  is all about spending time together, and growing together, not just the plants, the fruit and vegetables but about growing as people. As we spend time with others, its strange how we learn more about ourselves as well as about each other – we learn about our own assumptions, our own cares and concerns, our own strengths and weaknesses. We’re always happy to be joined by new people on Plot107 and at our other sites at LEAF (Thursday mornings) and Cross at Yew Lane (Thursday afternoons) so if you’re interested just come along, or ring Nick on 07432 092683 to find out more about the sessions.


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